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Paul Rebillot's Direct Impact Creativity

Grow Old Along with Me

Dear Paul friends,
Our lovely sweet Paul passed away on the afternoon of February 11th peacefully after a nine month struggle. He was with his lifelong friends Donald, Melissa and his caretaker Sifo. He left gently after one deep breath. His life was his work and his work lives on. Sleep gently, gentle soul.

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In the modern western world, we tend to regard art either as decoration, to add color and interest to our homes and public buildings, or as something remote from practical life, to be preserved in museums.

Direct Impact Creativity: A creative act or action that has an immediate and transformative effect on the life process.

Socrates said, “Change a country’s music and you change the country’s political system.” In Bali, artists are respected as persons of vision who know how the world ought to be and whose work is the key to future planning and behavior.

But as Socrates, the people of Bali, and many contemporary street artists know, creative, artistic work is born out of an impulse for change, for development; its expression is a call to the viewer or hearer to change his or her life.

This is what is meant by Direct Impact Creativity: a creative act that has a directive and transformative impact on one’s life.

One day, while leading a group in my workshop, Death and Resurrection, I realized I was in fact working directly on the internal aspect, the souls, of the participants. This structure was my artistic medium, and as a result of this particular creative act, people were finding possibilities of changing their lives for the better.

If we are going to play this game, we may as well play with important themes: love, death, sexuality, relationship, power. By playing with these themes artistically and in a safe setting, we can affect the whole environment of our lives.

This is what is meant by Direct Impact Creativity.


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