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Transformation through ritual enactment is the fundamental theme of Paul Rebillot's work. To his present work in personal growth he brings an actor's confidence in the capacity of bodily gesture to reveal and to transform the point of view of the mind and the attitude of the heart.

From his work as actor, director, and teacher in classical and contemporary drama, Paul brought to his practice of Gestalt therapy a deep appreciation of the power of myth to enrich and to heal personal biography and to awaken individuals to the transpersonal dimensions and goals of their lives.

The ritual structures he has created, beginning in 1973 with "The Hero's Journey," invite participants to discover and express the dimensions of their own inner drama in a mode that is both safe and creative.

These structures allow groups of people to support one another in their individual journeys. This experience of groupsupport is one of the most healing aspects of Paul's work.

For over twenty-five years, Paul has been leading groups at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California and at growth centers throughout Europe through such processes as “The Hero’s Journey,” "The Lover's
Journey: A Quest for the Inner Man and Woman," "Owning the Shadow," "Exorcising the Demon Should," "Death and Resurrection," and "Rituals of Transformation."

In July 1988 Paul inaugurated inSwitzerland his new School of Gestalt and Experiential Teaching, a four-level professional training program which combines gestalt theory and practice with theater, ritual, myth, and group process in a uniqueapproach to
education. In France, this training program was offered in collaboration with Claude Vaux and Eliane Jung of the Cabinet de Psychologie Humaniste of
Strasbourg. The first class in the North American School of Gestalt and Experiential Teaching completed the training in September1996 at Mount Madonna Center in Watsonville, California.

In the spring o
f 1996, Paul and Ilse Schmidt-Zimmermann began a new Rites of Passage training program in Germany. Taking place over four years, this training offers practicing therapists an opportunity to learn about the nature of an experiential workshop and of Paul’s transformational
structures in particular.

Paul’s first book, The Call to Adventure: Bringing the Hero’s Journey to Daily Life, was published in July 1993 by Harper San Francisco, a division of Harper Collins Publishers Inc. of New York. Written with the aid of a grant from Laurance S. Rockefeller, the book fully describes and guides the reader through the “Hero’s Journey” process. The German edition was published in 1997 by Kösel-Verlag GMBH & Co.


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