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All events will be held in San Francisco, California. For further information, including location, fees, and detailed schedules, please contact Paul: paul@prebillot.com

Open Groups

29 (eve), 30, 31 (day)
3 (eve), 5, 6, 7 (day
The Lover's Journey
19 (eve), 20, 21 (day), 23 (eve), 26, 27, 28 (day)
The Hero's Journey

18 (eve) 19, 20 day), 23 (eve) , 25, 26, 27 (day)

Owning the Shadow

Professional Trainings

April 27 - May 9 Special Advanced Advanced Training
August 15-24 Italian Advanced Training
9 (eve), 10, 11 (day), 16 (eve), 17, 18 (day), 30 (eve), 31 (day),

1 (day), 6 (eve), 7, 8 (day)
Owning Your Myth: Preparation for New Advanced Training

The Next Step...

As of February 2009, I am available at my home in San Francisco for individual psychological work and professional consultation with Gestalt practitioners, group leaders and teachers, as well as for Advanced Training with small groups in experiential workshop design.

This year, in April, I am beginning Advanced Training in Gestalt and Experiential Teaching at my home in San Francisco. Nearby housing is available at reasonable rates.

The training will be offered in three 10-day sessions.

In the first session, we will explore the relationship of a myth to our own life process. Participants are asked to bring a myth with them. It is not necessary to research the myth, just to be attracted to it. The attraction indicates that the psyche sees in that mythic story something that it needs in order to become whole. The objective of this work is to teach the creation of Experiential structures using concepts of Gestalt theory and group process. Participants will study the myth through body movement, dramatization and Gestalt process, in order to discover the importance of the mythic material to their own lives. Out of this material, students will create a structure (such as one of my workshops) of three hours in order to work with other people and teach something of what they have found in the mythic structure.

In the second session, students will receive training in both the Gestalt point of view, which underlies all my work, and in the actor’s discipline, learning how to bring the inner landscape to life. They will experience this form of Gestalt practice both as participants and as facilitator. Based on the myth they have explored in “Dancing with the Gods,” students will create a structure and animate it with other students. The group will critique these structures with an eye toward improving them for public presentation during the break between sessions.

In the third session, a second structure, based on the approach taught during Session 1, will be presented to the group for critique and evaluation. Focus in this session will be on group process, how this reflects dramatic structure, and how this can be used in the construction of a workshop. Working together, the group will develop a structure to be offered after the session has been completed. A Certificate of Completion will be granted at the end of Session 2, attesting to the work that has been accomplished.

Individual Theme-Centered Work

Combining all the methodologies I have used in my workshops over the years –– Gestalt process, bioenergetics, ritual, dramatization, myth or story, meditation, music, dance or movement, breath work, drawing, painting, writing –– I will design an individual workshop for one person or for two or three together who are working on a common theme or issue. Together we will decide on the goal of the work and the number of sessions.

Professional Consultation

For Gestalt practitioners: I will review and evaluate your case work with you and also help you to work through personal issues that your clients’ work may trigger in you and which may be getting in the way of your work with clients.

For group leaders and teachers: I will help you to design workshops or courses of study based on whatever theme or subject matter you wish to teach. I will help you design an effective structure for whatever time period you wish. Once the structure is created and you have done it with your group, you may wish to return for review, evaluation and improvement of the design. I will also work with you to develop your leadership skills and your understanding of and work with group process.

Please see the Calendar above for other workshop offerings.

Other Calendars

Institut für Gestalt und Erfahrung IGE-Managementtraining

Mythology and Humanistic Psychology for Everyday Life

Mandorla Creative

Les holonautes This is the school teaching my work in France

Keep checking this page for updates

After 34 years of touring Europe, Paul Rebillot is beginning the next phase of his work at his home in San Francisco, California. Please contact.

Graduates of his trainings are also offering his workshops. In Europe, Ireland and England both workshops designed by him and workshops influenced by his work are being offered (visit the student list for contacts).

If you are interested in the possibility of training, there are schools in both France and Germany that offer trainings in his work and are operating under his auspices:

In Germany:

In France:
Genevieve Dumulain
Tony Khabaz
Muriel Agogue

In Ireland the school is still in the process of forming, but you can

Mary Mangan
Fergus Lalor

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